My Story


Hi, there I'm Way from aka WayCallsOptions. When I was 21 years old I decided to trade stocks. Little did I know I lost $57,000 in the first year of trading in August 2016. I had used about $80,000 dollars from my whole savings, which I accumulated from the age of 16 working part-time and full-time jobs. I had no idea what I was doing or where I could make money and was tired of the poor lifestyle. Therefore, I came across some random gurus on StockTwits and I signed up to their so-called subscription.  They provided me with no personal interactions at all and  I got caught holding the bag with another $19,000 lost.

To them, I was a number and they didn't even care about my financial struggles. It left me with severe depression until I realized that I could learn to become better than them and use my skills to help others live a financially free life. So finally, I caught the break-in 2017 when I saw how options traders were making 100 percent returns in a matter of days. I lost so much at first because I had no knowledge of why my contract prices were always losing their value even when the stock went up. Then, I realized that I didn't really know anything about options at all.

Through the growing pains and hardship, I overcame the failures of a trader.  Now, I consistently created a methodology to overcome losses and create consistent gains through day trading and swing trading  Thus, with my strategy, I have netted over $1 million dollars over my lifetime doing trading part-time while working full time as a marketer. Now I want to be dedicated and spending time helping others.

My goal is to mentor you to become successful and treat you as a human being rather than a number. If you read this far you must believe in me. Take the chance and learn from me.